DREXSOL HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) is the most potent and safe disinfectant you can find in the market today. Hypochlorous acid occurs naturally and is produced by the human body's white blood cells. It has a very broad range of efficacy against most bacteria, viruses (including corona viruses), spores and fungi.  When used as a hand disinfectant, it does not cause skin problems such as dry and cracked skin and skin irritation normally caused by using isopropyl alcohol. In fact, more and more medical/dental clinics in the USA, Japan, Korea and other countries are starting to shift to using HOCl as their main disinfecting solution. The US FDA recognizes HOCl’s effective role in wound healing and eye care. Thus, proving even more that it is safe for human contact.

This natural wonder disinfectant is made available in the Philippines by KNICK KNACKS TRADING CORP., a company committed to providing game-changing solutions to sanitation needs of households and industries in the new normal.